Alleghe and Mount Civetta

Situated next to a shimmering lake that reflects the grand northwestern face of the Civetta; your first encounter with Alleghe will leave you stunned. Marvel at the epic Monte Civetta, known as "the wall of the walls"; a 1000 meter, almost vertical rockface that was famously the first climbing route to be classified, according to Willo Welzenbach's six-tier scale, as a grade 6! But don't worry, there is also a more gentle hiking trail that crosses the Monte Civetta Valley. Piani di Pezzè, the idyllic Lake Coldai and the Tissi refuge will leave you with incredible memories of high altitude sunsets, rocky towers and spires. During the winter, a white blanket covers the meadows, and as the lake freezes over, Alleghe becomes the perfect place for ice hockey! There is excellent skiing for all abilities, snowmobile tours, unmissable winter festivals and fantastic dinners in the cosy refuge.