Colle Santa Lucia and Passo Giau

Exist in harmony with nature in Colle Santa Lucia and breathe in that Dolomite country air. Explore panoramic Monte Pore; iron has famously been extracted from these slopes for centuries, for the manufacture of weapons created from metal from the Fursil Mines then exported around Europe via the "Strada de la Vena". Wander through the endless meadows of rhododendrons around Passo Giau, while you cycle around the hairpin bends that are famous among cycling enthusiasts. Snowshoeing, ski mountaineering and ski lifts make winter amazing here, and you'll be dreaming of your return in the summer. Don't miss the excursions to Averau, Nuvolau and the Mondeval plateau or the alpenglow reds and pinks at sunset near Lago delle Baste, in which Mount Pelmo is reflected in all its grandeur.