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Imagine having all 9 areas of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site within a few meters. Yes, this is possible in San Tomaso Agordino!

Imagine having all 9 areas of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site within a few meters. Yes, this is possible in San Tomaso Agordino!

Artists from all over the world, from Argentina to Russia, from France to Mexico, have tried their hand at sculpting the most famous Dolomite peaks, including Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Marmolada, Civetta, Pelmo, Sassolungo, Torri del Vajolet, Antelao, Campanile of Val Montanaia and Catinaccio … there is a total of 20 faithful sculptures along the trail.

Starting from Celat, a hamlet in San Tomaso Agordino, follow the signs for “The Miniature Dolomites Trail”, a project started in 2017, promoted by the municipality and sponsored by the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation with the Agordo CAI section and the Pro Loco di San Tomaso.

Before catching a glimpse of the first sculptures, we pause for a moment to observe the wonderful panorama from up here. San Tomaso Agordino is an area made up of several hamlets perched on the slopes of Sasso Bianco; a beautiful panoramic terrace overlooking the Dolomite peaks.

We continue following the easy path through the woods and immerse ourselves in a relaxed woodland atmosphere, listening to the sounds of nature.

We soon see the first sculptures: it is truly incredible how these world-famous artists have succeeded in reproducing these beautiful peaks on an exact scale. They are all sculpted from hard dolomite rock obtained from the quarry in San Tomaso, on Monte Serla!

We get some insight by reading the artist’s interesting descriptions of the works next to the 3D models.

We hardly even feel tired! The climb feels like a treasure hunt to reach the next sculpture and for a moment we feel like kids!

About an hour into the journey, we reach Forcella San Tomaso: and the view is truly exceptional!

We then return to Celat by retracing our route and decide to rewards ourselves with a delicious barley pizza at Beatrice and Giovanni’s restaurant, Offline Pizzeria.


Photo credits: Heart of the Dolomites

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