Cima Sasso Bianco

Normally considered secondary to the classic peaks of Civetta, Marmolada or Pelmo; the summit of Sasso Bianco is in fact one of the most panoramic spots in the Heart of the Dolomites. Thanks to its central position you can admire a 360 ° Dolomite views from the Cime d'Auta surrounded by the majestic southern face of the Marmolada, Piz Boè, Pelmo and the Civetta. Stunning!

We start from Piaia, part of San Tomaso Agordino, above Celat, at an altitude of 1105 meters, we can see the famous zip line from here! The zipline is certainly an adrenaline-filled experience; you launch yourself along a wire rope for 1.6 kilometres, dangling at over 160 meters!

We immediately see the signs for Ciamp and Sasso Bianco and take the steep mule track. After the initial effort, we manage to catch our breath and proceed at a good pace. The tranquillity you experience here is truly unique! Being one of the less famous routes, we are fortunate almost alone, so it’s easy to get immersed in the sights and sounds of nature and recharge your mind.

After about an hour and a half, we reach an altitude of 1840 meters to catch a glimpse of the Rifugio Sasso Bianco and the beautiful tabià in Ciamp. These characteristic wooden houses are known as tabià, and once gave farmers shelter during haymaking. Thinking back to those days, in which life was marked by the passing of seasons, we reflect on how technology has erased this way of life to only leave room for the daily grind. But today we are here, so we decide to savour all that this experience has to offer.

Our gaze is lost in this splendid meadow and we remain wide-eyed looking at the imposing north-west wall of Mount Civetta.

We follow the signposts for the summit that continue pointing towards the grassy southern slopes of the Sasso Bianco. Once you reach a fork, turn left and go past the Sasso Nero.

Fatigued from the climb to the ridge but satisfied by the incredible views, we make it to the top of the mountain, at 2407 meters! For a moment we feel like Amelia Edwards, the first female mountaineer to climb this peak on 22nd July 1872 as she enjoyed this incredible panorama.


Photo credits: Elisa De Nardin

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