Discovering the ancient Romans at the Tapp da le Parole

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Would you ever have imagined that the Romans passed through Alleghe? At Piani di Pezzè you can go back in time almost 2000 years! It is incredible to think that the Romans from the 1st century AD passed through here and decided to engrave the boundary between the Bellunese and the Cadore into the dolomite rock. For the Romans, the majestic rock face that dominates everything and everyone became known as "the mountain of Belluno", of the Civitas Bellunatorum ... and hence the name of Monte Civetta - nothing to do with the nocturnal bird of prey!

Our excursion today starts from Piani di Pezzè, which is reachable by car or even better, by cable car that goes up from the town of Alleghe. With our guide, we will embark upon a demanding hike to two of the three Roman inscriptions in the area.

We cross the beautiful area around ​​Coi, envying its inhabitants who get to admire the truly spectacular views from up here every day! We follow the path through the meadow that rises on the steep slopes to shorty reach Fernazza, an ancient village that today is uninhabited. Looking at the stone houses and the wooden barns, we can almost hear the voices of the children who used to play hide and seek here.

We then go on into the woods, climbing up further and further… panting as we go! In about an hour we reach one of the most beautiful and panoramic spots on the Civetta: Col Davagnin, known as Mont da Tos by the locals.

We follow the nearby road signs as if on a treasure hunt, then we spot the first Roman inscriptions: “FIN BEL IVL”, which stands for Fines Bellunati Iulens…. or the border between Belluno and Cadore. 

We then continue towards the top of Fertazza … enchanted by the panorama; the Civetta and Alleghe on the right, and Pelmo and Val Fiorentina on the left.

Tired but intrigued by the search for the second trace of ancient Rome, we go down towards the Ristoro La Ciasela, where we stop for a well-deserved snack! About halfway along the Lander slope, we see signs for the Tapp da le Parole … in about half an hour of a steep path through the woods, we reach the second famous engraved rock, inscribed with “FIN BEL IVL”. Who knows what Domenico Rudatis must have thought when he discovered these ancient border signs in the 1930s!

We then descend towards the Plans of Pezzè, smiling at the thought of the ancient Romans who climbed the Dolomites with their tunics and their calyces!


Photo credits: Alleghe Funivie

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