Climb the Sass de Rocia and discover the magical Pian delle Stelle

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A special and unique place exists, hidden on a mysterious rock in the middle of the woods: the Pian delle Stelle. This bivouac shelter is one of the best spots from which to admire the majestic Civetta rockface in all its elegance. The Sass de Rocia, on which the bivouac shelter rests, is a favourite destination for many climbers and geology lovers, from the most expert climbers to those new to the world of via ferrata.

We leave the village of Ronc, a small fraction of Laste, and we walk along a path that leads us to the slopes of this famous rock, which almost seems to have fallen from the sky into the woods at the foot of Mount Migogn.

We wear helmets, harness and a via ferrata kit to begin the famous vertical ladder that immediately makes us earn our first few meters, this tricky rocky ravine called “Bus del Conicio” isn’t the easiest climb.

We continue the journey through slits, brackets and suspended bridges in good spirits, savouring the scent of vegetation and listening to the timid sounds of nature.

Soon we reach a vast grassy plateau and the Pian delle Stelle appears before our eyes.

This charming wooden house with a pointed roof welcomes us for a well-deserved rest and a front-row seat to watch the natural sunset phenomenon, known as enrosadira; that turns the Dolomites pink at this time of the evening.

The bivouac shelter is equipped with a stove, table and benches, so it is perfect for a barbecue with friends!

For the return we retrace our steps to the point where we see a small statue of the Madonna: from there we take the path to the right following a second descent equipped with a ladder that takes us back to the base in no time.


Photo credits: Heart of the Dolomites, ServusTV

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