Hardcore Hiking in the Heart of the Dolomites: “El Cor”

Imagine a pristine place, far from the noise of the city, accessible to only a few. This place is El Cor, a heart-shaped hole, an incredible natural window onto the San Lucano Valley! A coveted and magical place, whose access was closely guarded and handed down from father to son ... a place of pride for the locals who climb up to here for marriage proposals to their beloved.<br />

Starting from Col di Prà, a hamlet in Taibon Agordino, we begin to climb according to the instructions from our Alpine Guide. There are deliberately no precise signs along the route, nor on the internet. The excursion to the Cor, in the Heart of the Dolomites, is an almost mystical journey, which plunges us into the romantic and heroic world of mountaineering that has perhaps been lost a bit in our modern world.

Once we reach Campigat the fatigue begins to set in, so we decide to take the first break to regain energy and refill our bottles with the water from a fountain.

We continue our ascent along rocky paths and through rugged vegetation, in the presence of Agner, Pale di San Martino and Pape.

We overcome some more inaccessible and exposed passages, envying the chamois and ibex that leap around these parts without any effort!

Fragmented passages, brittle rocks and stretches of grade II climbing on limestone: the wild environment elevates our ability and makes us almost forget about the fatigue.

It is unbelievable how such unspoiled places still exist … listening to the silence around us, we feel a unique atmosphere.

We finally reach the Pale of the Balconies ridge and our heart begins to race; we peer down and there it is, the famous Cor!


Photo Credits: Claudio Pra

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