Mysterious waters at the foot of Mount Civetta

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Imagine walking slowly on the banks of a beautiful natural lake. Listen to the sound of the water splashing on the hull of a rowing boat and the rustling of fishing lines. Imagine taking off your shoes and dipping your feet into cold water, looking up at one of the most elegant rock faces in the world: Monte Civetta.<br /> The tour of Lake Alleghe or Lach de Àlie, in Ladin language, is a quiet but exciting walk, easy but unique, short but full of things to discover.

Starting from the town square, go down to the side of the church until you reach the Lungolago, turn right and begin the journey around the lake, going anti-clockwise direction. After a few minutes you will reach Vallazza and the mouth of the Cordevole river, which incessantly feeds the lake from the highest valleys. Continue for a short distance along the right bank of the stream until you reach the bridge that leads to the other side. As you turn left, the path enters a pleasant stretch in the woods, with benches and panoramic terraces suspended over the water.

From the left hand side of Lake of Alleghe you can enjoy an exceptional view of the town and towering Mount Civetta.

Continuing along the paved road, you will reach Masarè di Rocca Pietore, where you’ll see the magnificent Villa Paganini Ruspoli, or Vìla Paganìn, on the shore, a beautiful stately old building.

Once you reach the junction at the main road, turn left and return to Alleghe along a path that borders the lake.

Along the way there are panoramic views, benches to rest, places to buy an ice cream or a cold drink and two small playgrounds for kids.


Photo credits: Heart of the Dolomites

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