Ombretta Valley: The geographical centre of the Dolomites

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Imagine an enchanted valley, where time has stopped and the only sounds we hear are cowbells and the friendly whistles of marmots; the real landlords of this area! Right here, in the Ombretta Valley, there is a particular wooden totem that encloses a stone heart; its the geographical centre of the Dolomites! The majestic south face of the Marmolada is on one side and the rock face of Mount Fop on the other ... the Dolomites embrace this magical place!

We start from the Malga Ciapela campsite car park and follow the quiet asphalt road, closed to traffic for the first stretch until we reach Malga Gran Pian. Even this first section is characterised by incredible tranquillity, this is a little corner of paradise. You then cross a wooden bridge and take the steep dirt road that goes up into the woods. Helped along by trekking poles, we soon gain some altitude and reach the crossroads. On the left, it leads us to the fascinating Franzedas Valley, but today, we take the mule track to the right, in the direction of Malga Ombretta.

The view that opens up here is unique; dominated by the Piz de Guda, the Val Pettorina opens in front of us, with the Crepe Rosse on one side and Monte Cernera in the distance. After a few bends along the easy mule track, surrounded by pine trees and their unmistakable fragrance, we soon reach the entrance to Ombretta Valley.

The breathtaking view before us is incredible … for a moment we feel like children again, observing everything in astonishment and not being able to stop smiling!

Anna Maria immediately welcomes us into her hut with a delicious slice of strudel and a bowl of fresh yoghurt. We feel at peace with the world! From here we shortly reach the famous totem, located in the exact centre of the Dolomites and we leave our thoughts in the summit diary.

After stopping in to see Dante and Franca at the Rifugio Falier a little further up, we retrace our steps back, full of incredible images and feelings.


Photo credits: Heart of the Dolomites

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