Paradise Found: the Boè lake and panoramic Bec de Roces path

An alpine lake nestled in the mountains, flowery meadows and rock spiers: this is the view that awaits you today! The incredible view and fresh breeze on your face immediately sweep away all of your stress. This place is truly peaceful, incredible and unique; we are really lucky to be able to enjoy all of this!

We start from the Campolongo Pass and follow ‘Panorama’ path no ° 638, along the provincial road and then take path no ° 636, that goes up to the Rifugio Bec de Roces.

Panting from the climb, we are immediately amazed by the sight of the famous rock spires, that look like a natural cathedral.

Soon we reach the beautiful flower meadows and we are lulled by the gurgling streams that characterise this area of ​​the Dolomites.

After a well-deserved snack at the refuge, we follow the track towards the ski slopes that descend from Vallon towards Corvara. After this track we take path no ° 638 and we go up to a beautiful glacial lake called Lago Boè, which suddenly appears in front of us.

Set in the rock, this blue stretch of water really looks like a gem! We stop to enjoy the wonderful panorama and relax in the meadows around the lake. Looking up, we admire the Sella Masif which are tinged with pink and red at dawn and sunset.

For the return we follow path no ° 638 that goes down to the Campolongo Pass.

With these beautiful images still in our head, we return to our accommodation, ready for the next walk!


Photo credits: Elisa De Nardin

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