See Mount Pelmo reflected in the lake at sunset

At sunset, Lago delle Baste reflects beautiful Mount Pelmo in its waters. As if by magic, two mountains appear before our eyes, one real and one reflected, creating a unique natural spectacle for photographers and spectators.

From the Giau pass take path no.436, part of Alta Via no.1 which leads us quickly to Forcella Piombin. If we are lucky, we may catch a glimpse of a chamois grazing on the ridges of nearby Monte Cernera.

Descending down some easy rocks we see Forcella Giau ahead, standing at a height of 2360 meters, awaiting our arrival. Rest assured this climb is the only strenuous part of the hike!

Having conquered the fork, we gaze at the jaw-droppingly spectacular panorama that appears before us: Tofane and 5 Torri on one side and Lastoi di Formin with the Mondeval de Sora plateau on the other.

Descending down grassy pastures we already see today’s destination ahead; Lago delle Baste.

After passing some large boulders detached from Lastoi di Formin, called ‘La Città di Sassi’, or ‘the city of rocks’ we reach the lake. The peace and quiet is enchanting, we find ourselves surrounded by beauty.

Once the obligatory photos have been taken, we can quickly get to the Mesolithic Burial Site where the Mondeval Man was found, whose remains are now kept in the Vittorino Cazzetta Museum in Selva di Cadore, near Colle Santa Lucia.

For more experienced hikers, it is possible to extend the excursion towards Forcella Ambrizzola and then continue towards Croda da Lago on the left or towards the Città di Fiume Refuge on the right.

We then resume path no.436 which brings us back to the Giau pass to enjoy some more of that magnificent view of Averau, Nuvolau and Ra Gusela.


Photo credits: Luca Dell’Osbel

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