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In ancient times there was a high mountain road, believed to be safer than the one in the valley, it allowed essential trade between Val di Fassa and Val Cordevole.<br /> Famous "Via del Pane", also known as Bindelweg by the German mountaineer Karl Bindel who recovered this ancient trade route in the early 1900s, is one of the most panoramic routes in the whole of the Upper Agordino.<br /> The imposing Marmolada glacier guides the way, framed by the blue mirror that is Fedaia lake; it's truly amazing!

We start from the Pordoi pass and take the path that leads us towards the Col Becé fork and then get to the Fredarola refuge.

Panting from the climb, we are impressed by the view that opens up before us: the Fodom Valley on one side and the Marmolada on the other, it certainly repays all the effort!

We then follow an easy up and down path along a grassy ridge, which shortly leads us to the Viel Dal Pan Refuge, where we can give ourselves a little break.

From here the most experienced can take a more difficult climb up to the top of Sasso Cappello, or Sass Ciapel in Ladin.

We then continue towards the Fedaia pass along a wide path that leads us to Col de Paussa: from here we shortly reach Porta Vescovo and the Gorza Refuge.

Those who are tired here can comfortably take the cable car here and get off at Arabba, otherwise those who are still able can choose to continue along the Fodom slope going down the paths on the winter ski slopes, then return to the Pordoi pass.

With panoramas of the Queen still fresh in our minds, tired but happy, we return to our lodgings.


Photo credits: Elisa De Nardin

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