“Via della Dolomia: the journey through the rock in the Dolomite Alps”

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Imagine taking a journey through history, back thousands of years. Starting from Taibon Agordino, you can embark on a journey among the rocks to get to know the Dolomite rock and discover how it has been sculpted by time and events, creating the largest of the Dolomite cliffs: the San Lucano Valley.

The Valle di San Lucano is 10 km long, with an average width and depth of almost 2 km. It crosses the core of the largest of the Dolomite cliffs and retains a clear glacial imprint.

It is an environment characterised by the verticality of the walls, the richness of the shapes given by slender spires, majestic towers and imposing bastions, the contrasting colours of the Dolomite rocks painted by the sun’s rays next to dark volcanic rocks, the monumentality of the huge Agnèr obelisk and the agile Torre Armena that contrast with the square building of the Pale.

Few places evoke such a sense of the sublime as this valley, whose looming vertical walls leave one with a pleasant sense of bewilderment and fear, especially when the storm clouds creep in between the towers and climb up the ‘borai’ (deep, narrow rocky gullies), bringing out details that would otherwise be invisible.

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