Via Ferrata delle Trincee and First World War trenches

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The Ferrata delle Trincee is the perfect mix of adrenaline, fun and breathtaking views. This exciting via ferrata that runs along the beautiful ridges connecting Porta Vescovo and Padon, have views of the Marmolada. Along the way you’ll see the Queen of the Dolomites and the blue Fedaia Lake which create a truly unique setting!<br /> The route is walkable in about 3 hours and begins with a more technical section with one vertical bit at the start, then it moves on to an adrenaline-fueled crossing at a suspension bridge and ends with the historic First World War trenches.

We start from Porta Vescovo, which is reachable via the Fedaia pass on foot, it takes about 1 hour or from Arabba, by ski lift or on foot for about 1.5 hours.

Whilst getting all our gear together; helmet, harness and carabiners, we are immediately impressed and fascinated by the first 30 meters, which are up a vertical dark volcanic rock face in front of us.

Thanks to the strong ropes and easy grips, we are able to reach the summit and have a double panorama: with Araba and the Fodom valley on the left  and on the right, the Marmolada with the Fedaia lake. Amazing!

After the first section, we continue along some fun and less demanding parts and shortly we reach the most famous point along the entire route: the suspension bridge! A photo is a must!

We then continue along downhill passages that lead us to the end of the first section of the ferrata: from here the less experienced can decide whether to take the path to the Padon Refuge on the left, or to Porta Vescovo on the right.

We then go back up the rocks, catching a glimpse of the remains of a military barracks and continue along the second stretch of the ferrata, which is less demanding than the first, but not to be underestimated!

Along uphill and downhill stretches, we reach the famous trenches that were dug by Italian soldiers during the First World War: it is crazy to think that the soldiers spent the winters here during those dark years.

After crossing these last historical stretches, we easily reach Bontadini Bivouac; from here,  those who still have energy can climb for another 10 minutes to get to the top of Mesolina, at 2642 meters and get yet another magnificent view of the Queen.

Then continuing downhill, we resume the path that will take us back to the starting point, don’t miss a stop at the Padon Refuge, at 2407 meters, for a well-deserved snack!


Photo credits: Elisa De Nardin

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