War on the Col di Lana: on a historical trail across the “Mountain of Blood”

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Imagine the truly unique 360 ​​° view from the Col di Lana, there's a new peak at every turn! Views from the Marmolada to the Set Sass, from the Sella to the Tofana di Rozes, from the Pelmo to the Civetta, and then up to the Sasso Bianco and the Cime d’Auta ... it's really incredible how many peaks you can see from up here!

We start from the small villages of Palla and Agai, in Ladin Pala and Daghè, just above Pieve di Livinallongo. We begin the climb in a spruce forest by taking the forest path signposted no ° 21. In some places the forest opens up and gives way to a splendid view of Mount Pore. Continuing along the route, the forest gradually becomes less thick and soon we reach the grassy fields of Ciampac: the view opens up over some of the most famous Dolomite peaks including the Civetta, Marmolada, Tofana di Rozes, Croda Negra, Averau and Nuvolau and the top of Col di Lana remains still hidden under Napoleon’s hat.

We climb again and the road becomes a path, then we reach the Plan de la Chicia and the Panettone; a strategic point that was conquered by Italian soldiers in October 1918 in the War. Today you can still see traces of the barracks.

From here, we can see the junction for Teriòl Ladin, a very beautiful and historic path that runs around the Col di Lana.

We then continue to climb around the Panettone: fatigue begins to set in, but the summit is close! Climbing through grass and rocks we come across the Galleria Sant’Andrea, which was dug by Italian soldiers on April 18, 1916 to make a mine to explode the top of the Col di Lana to avoid being captured by the Austrians. Even today, we can still see the terrible crater at the top of Col di Lana.

We continue the steep climb and we shortly see the former bivouac shelter, the chapel and the cross: we’ve conquered the summit! The view from here repays all of our efforts!


Photo credits: Elisa De Nardin

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