We are the story, under the sky of Arabba: visit the Pordoi Pass Ossuary

There is an imposing tower that stands out in the sky over Passo Pordoi. A memory that we can revisit even today, exhibiting the pain of the sad wartime years we should never forget.

We start from the top of the Pordoi pass and follow an easy path going uphill on the slopes of the Boè. The view is incredible: it looks like an amphitheater of green meadows surrounded by hard Dolomite rock and an intense blue sky. To the east you have the Tofane and Col di Lana groups and to the south the Marmolada group.

Soon we reach the German Memorial, an octagonal tower with a circular base with two shelves. In this incredible commemorative building was built between the end of the 1930s and the end of the 1950s and holds the bones of 454 German soldiers and 8,128 Austro-Hungarian soldiers who died during the War, it also holds the bones of 842 German Wehrmacht soldiers who died during the Second World War outside the crypt.

Time stops in this sacred silence.

A little further up, on the rock face of the Boè we see the intrepid climbers who face the dreaded Piazzetta ferrata, below us numerous cyclists on paths around the Sellaronda and a little further on, bikers on adrenaline-fueled descents. The Pordoi pass really offers something for everyone!

We then we return along the same path we arrived on, savoring some fresh, high-altitude air and allowing ourselves a well-deserved apple strudel at the nearby refuge.

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