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Whether you are an expert or a beginner, whether you want to push yourself upwards, to have fun or simply to challenge your own limits, in short, your chance has arrived: indoor climbing is coming to San Tomaso Agordino.

Today we would like to tell you about a new experience that you can try in San Tomaso Agordino: the Vertik Area Dolomiti!
What is it all about? The Vertik Area Dolomiti is an area entirely dedicated to climbing enthusiasts. Recently inaugurated, it offers a wide range of facilities and services: in addition to the technical sports area, which offers various solutions for climbing (speed wall, leaning wall, vertical wall, main wall, isolated wall), the facility has a seating area to attend the sporting events hosted, changing rooms, reception, bar and restaurant.

But let’s go in order because at the moment there are three distinct areas.
The Bar-Restaurant is on the third floor, the highest floor of the structure and enjoys two marvellous viewpoints, a large window on the climbing walls and an equally important series of windows on the north-west face of the Civetta. The furnishings are completely in wood and a beautiful sculpture made from one of the largest fir trees felled by Vaia completes the floor.
On the Intermediate Floor, with the tiers for watching competitions and events, there is the reception and an area dedicated to changing rooms for the disciplines that take place in the adjacent structures.
On the ground floor are the changing rooms, the training room and the walls… and the ground floor is the heart of the Vertik Area Dolomiti! A beating heart where you will find the equipment to start trying out the world of climbing or to improve your performance!
Here’s what you’ll find at your disposal.

A training room: the ideal place to train independently, with Moon Board, Pan Gullich, different types of beams, panel with led system on the bolts for tracing routes via app.

A rope area, which is also divided into different zones. It houses some thirty chains, with a height of 16 metres and developments of up to 20 metres. It is organised in:

  • SPEED WALL, with all the characteristics to host junior and senior speed competitions (16 metres – 05° negative slope), at the moment the only one in the Veneto region.
    APPENDED WALL, the back of the speed, perfect for learning to take your first steps, but also for tracing fun sustained routes with a high technical content.
    VERTICAL WALL, perfectly “plumb”, with a beautiful dihedral and many possibilities to experiment the first steps in the world of technique … here without the right moves you do not get very far!
    MAIN DEPTH, more or less overhanging depending on the sector, with stretches where, from the base to the chain, it comes out for about 6 metres. A good test, even for the strongest climbers, but where there is no lack of easy lines to offer everyone the excitement of the big wall.
    ISOLATED WALL, vertical, with fun routes and always sustained for the grade. It offers perfect terrain for learning multipitch techniques and basic mountain rescue manoeuvres.

So what more do you need to convince you to try it?


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Vertik Area Dolomiti
Loc. Celat, 30-4 - 32020 - San Tomaso Agordino (BL)
Info: +39 340482 3384
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