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Dino Buzzati called it "the most beautiful rock face in the Alps" and climbers from around the world recognize this area as "the kingdom of the sixth grade". German mountaineer, Willo Welzenbach developed a scale of difficulty for climbing, from 1-6; and Monte Civetta rock face is at the top end of this scale! It’s a fascinating amphitheatre for climbers, sticking up like a splinter in the heart of the Dolomites.

Experience verticality on a wall honoured by climbers the world over, this is a privilege and an opportunity for discovery.
Monte Civetta appears before you like a protective shelter; it communicates tranquillity and security and is a real beauty.
You look up and get lost up there, between the towers and peaks until you reach the summit, at an altitude of 3220. You want to go up and see the world from up there.
Choosing the way forward is a delicate mix of skill and intuition, and when you get into the realm of grade six climbing, you will undoubtedly have to find your way carefully. Make a wish and you’ll reach the summit.
In the crucial moments, your mind empties of all thoughts and worries, there is only one challenge in front of you, an epic wall of rock and a peak to conquer.
Your fingertips find the holds even though your hands are damp with sweat. Your feet stand firm on the rock with each small step towards the top. With every movement, your body screams for freedom.
When you finally conquer the summit, you sit under the cross for a moment to breathe. You found the way; you did it, you conquered the mountain! You feel strong and invincible. These mountains don’t just make you feel good; they can make you feel like a God! And this is the secret at the heart of the Dolomites.


Photo credits: Heart of the Dolomites

What To Bring With You

To climb Mount Civetta, you need the normal mountaineering gear, which can be rented at sports shops nearby. Consider hiring a local mountain guide for safety and to get even more out of the experience!

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It is essential to find out about the weather forecast before embarking on a climb.

Recommended to be accompanied by a certified mountain guide.
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