Cross-country skiing in the presence of the Queen

There are many ways to glide across the snow in the Dolomites; Nordic skiing is just one of them! Take part in a unique Nordic skiing experience at the foot of the Marmolada, also known as the 'Queen of the Dolomites'.

Releasing stress by energetically skating along the track, it will allow you to recharge your mind, eliminate tension and banish negativity.

You wait at the beginning of the circuit, skis and poles ready to glide through snowfields, woods and past boulders. Unlike regular skiing, your heels are not strapped in, which allows you to control the pace, your arms burn with each thrust and increasing the speed depends on your strength.

Cross-country skiing at the foot of the Marmolada, in the heart of the Dolomites, is an extraordinary experience and very different from mainstream skiing. You tackle inclines with thrusts, there are no ski lifts, and there are no shortcuts. Each stride reduced stress, every time you drive your stick into the snow; you defeat the frenzy of city life.

There is only you, nature, white snow, evergreen trees and maybe some cute little marmots. Heaven.

If you’ve never tried this sport, an expert will help you discover cross-country skiing, and you will fall in love with the sensation of pacing through the snow.

What To Bring With You

Wearing appropriate clothing is fundamental to enjoying cross-country skiing, you need to move freely, so not too heavy but still warm. The equipment can be rented at local sports shops.

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Suitable for everyone.
Possibility to rent equipment at the sport shops in Malga Ciapela.
Possibility to have lessons with a certified Nordic ski instructor.
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