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Admire unique colours at sunrise and sunset in the magical San Lucano Valley and the rest of the heart of the Dolomites.
When the sun goes down at the end of the day, the phenomenon known as enrosadira ignites the pale mountain rock and creates a fantastic shades and colours that you can't take your eyes off!

It is a real pity when a day in the Dolomites ends, but at least these mountains do it in style!

Enrosadira, literally means “to turn pink” in the local Ladin language, in other languages the phenomena is known as alpenglow.  Either way, it makes you not want to miss a single sunset during your stay in the mountains.

Watch the sunset from a different location every day and put your stressful life on pause. Forget your duties, just look up and admire how the peaks turn pink, then red, then purple and gradually darker, until dusk takes over.

This slow but inexorable transition that’s repeated each day and makes you feel good; it fills you with joy and wonder. Every time you watch a sunset in the Dolomites, you fall in love with the world again. There are no problems or concerns that can stop it. The earth always continues its cycle, just like you, who also continues to struggle day after day to gather a bit of happiness. And finally, in the heart of the Dolomites, you seem to have found it!

Col di Prà is in a unique and hidden location in the San Lucano Valley and is one of those unmissable places where you can reconnect with nature. This place puts you at harmony with nature, surrounded by green forests and at sunset, reddish-grey rocks. Seeing is believing!



Photo credits: Ospitalità Diffusa Conca Agordina

What To Bring With You

The ability to be amazed is mandatory when you experience the dolomitic enrosadira. A camera to capture the moment and boast about it with friends is also a must.

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- in winter, cold days are the best to admire sunsets and colourful sunrises
- find out about the sunset time of the day chosen for the experience
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