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Awaken your mind and find your balance with yoga at the top of the Queen of the Dolomites. This experience is suitable for everyone and can even be quite life-changing! In addition to practising this ancient discipline, you will enjoy a unique and truly magical view of the mountains around the Marmolada.

In Sanskrit, the word “yoga” means “union”. And you certainly feel a union with nature during this experience. Greeting the sun from a privileged point like the Marmolada fills you with gratitude. In the first poses, your muscles warm-up and stretch out, they slowly stop resisting. You listen to your body, as you control your breathing and your mind banishes negative thoughts. The quietness helps you clear your mind and re-establish priorities. You slowly change position, according to the instructor’s instructions, and your body shifts smoothly.

Discover yourself through a succession of unusual movements and poses, the mind and body will align in the direction of serenity.

At the end of the lesson, you are calm and happy. And you find tranquillity in the unique Dolomite panorama that surrounds you. Back at the mountain refuge, your physical urges are satisfied with a big tasty breakfast. This combination of relaxed feelings and good tastes will make you fall in love with life in all its complexity once again.


Photo credits: Giovanni Danieli – Adventure Outdoor Fest

What To Bring With You

The Queen is always a bit nippy, so wear plenty of layers to face the cold as well as the heat of physical activity. Bring your favorite blanket to pamper yourself a little.

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