I believe I can fly: zip lining in the Heart of the Dolomites

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Humans wanted to fly for many years before finally succeeding. Many, including Leonardo Da Vinci, tried. Until one day the Wright brothers managed to take to the air. Today flying around the world is normal, but doing it in the heart of the Dolomites, literally hanging by a thread, is unmissable!

You have booked your flight, and you’re on your way to San Tomaso Agordino. You have expectations and fears; adrenaline and excitement begin to make their way through your body. You’re about to fly through a unique setting, in the heart of the Dolomites.

Standing on the launch pad, in your harness and all the security gear that allows you to do such a mad thing safely; you look at the wire as shines in the sun. You’re a little scared, but it’s normal. You’ve never thrown yourself along a cable before, flying through the landscape like an eagle or a hawk.

Take a deep breath, hook the carabiners on and go, take the big leap, completely entrust the zip line!

You fly for over a kilometre across unique landscapes and green uncontaminated nature. You feel like an animal, alive in the truest sense of the word.

You are smiling, let your screams liberate you, release your stress and worries. You feel light. This is the zip line effect. This explosion of pure energy leaves you changed once your feet hit the ground again, loaded and ready to tackle anything. You feel invincible, strong and happy. Surrounded by the Dolomites, your heart beats faster than usual, do you want to have another go?


Photo credits: Heart of the Dolomites

What To Bring With You

It is essential to fly with courage and the desire to fly. Wear comfortable clothing and avoid wearing anything that could drop.

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Make reservations in advance if possible.

Arrival at least 10 minutes before flight time.
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