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For all you romantics, sailing on Lake Alleghe is an experience not to be missed!
Imagine the relaxing sound of waves crashing against the hull of a wooden boat, the sun's glare on the water, the peacefulness of being in the middle of a lake.

Feel like a poet, a captain, a pirate or just a person without a care in the world. Choose whether to row with your arms or pedal with your legs. The tranquil lake listens to you and accepts your choice, whoever you are.
Exploring this beautiful natural body of water is an endless discovery. Get your hands wet and paddle in time with your breath, slow but steady. Finally, your mind is emptied and your spirit relaxed.
Stop in the middle of the lake and take a look around to admire Monte Civetta, the woods and the village and its little houses perched on the slopes all around you. You feel protected and relaxed. With every stroke of the oars, your worries, problems, hectic life, and work melt away, further and further away. Each time you press the pedal, you are a little calmer.
Captain your journey to relaxation from Vallazza to Masarè, or from the banks of Alleghe to Rocca Pietore. You are never far from a leaping trout, and other natural spectacles so you learn that despite everything, nature always remains itself, something we often forget.


Photo credits: Heart of the Dolomites

What To Bring With You

Some energy to row and pedal, sunglasses and sunscreen wouldn't go amiss. A good book could also help to recharge and relax.

useful for

Suitable for the whole family.

Please ensure you are able to swim in case of emergency as the lake has no lifeguards.

It is forbidden to swim, except in case of emergency.

Boat and pedalo hire is on the Alleghe Lakefront.

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