Ski or board down the longest slope in the Dolomites

Get off the cable car in Punta Rocca and feel invincible as the view opens up in all directions. Gliding over the snow, you feel so light and free of any negativity. Skiing the longest slope in the Dolomites is a real joy and will remain etched in your memory forever.

The Marmolada cable car begins in Malga Ciapèla, which takes you from the heart of the Dolomites to Punta Rocca – the top of the world! Get there early in the morning for the first run of the day. The air is sparkling, and your boots are rigid with cold. After a few minutes in the cable car, you stop in Serauta for a cappuccino and a croissant on the fly, to stockpile energy! The sun illuminates the massive windows, and you feel good and excited.

Punta Rocca takes your breath away for a moment: you forgot how beautiful this spot is, especially in the morning light.

Step into your skis firmly, take a long, deep breath, and you’re off! The first curves are the best, and your legs are full of vigour. Silent mountains surround you and skis scraping across the fresh piste are the only thing you hear. 

The “Bellunese” is the longest run in the Dolomites; 12 kilometres of pure magic that take you from Punta Rocca, at 3265 meters, to Malga Ciapela, at 1450 meters.

The mountain always leaves you in wonder and amazement, with a mixed sensation of burning muscles and satisfaction. The “Bellunese” is a seemingly never-ending thrill ride.



Photo credits: Heart of the Dolomites, Matteo Nesello

What To Bring With You

Skiing the "Bellunese" is unique, but it can be tiring, so bring all of your strength.
Dress appropriately, because Punta Rocca is cold!

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Suitable for expert skiers.
Possibility to book a tour with an instructor of the local Ski School.
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