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Swishhhhh! Remember that splendid sound of your skis sliding over a fresh piste in the morning. And in the late afternoon, when you fly over the humps and bumps left behind by of hundreds of other skiers. There is a unique ski experience to try in the Dolomites, that takes you on a roundtrip, across lots of different slopes, without taking the same run twice!

The Sellaronda Ski Tour is a perfect day of skiing: every descent is on a new run, every corner has a unique panorama and every lift is different. The route around the Sella massif is six hours of pure magic in one of the Dolomites’ most fascinating mountain ranges.

Take the first run early in the morning, with brisk air nipping your cheeks, a map in your pocket and the desire for adventure. Go from Arabba or Malga Ciapela, the beginning of the route is fantastic thanks to the Marmolada – the Queen of the Dolomites – and her perfectly manicured slopes.

There is just one new slope after another around Sellaronda. Relax your nerves at a mountain cafe with a cheeky bombardino, a drink made with eggnog, brandy and plenty of whipped cream. Strap your skis back on and let the snow glide underneath your feet.  

No matter where you start from and where you’re heading for, the important thing is the journey itself. And this journey is an adventure of crisp air, hearty meals at mountain restaurants and adrenaline-filled descents from brand-new ski lifts. All in the heart of a unique Dolomite panorama!


Photo credits: Arabba Fodom Turismo

What To Bring With You

The Sellaronda Ski Tour (or Giro dei Quattro Passi) is perfect for the whole family, as long as they are fit. Bring sun cream, chocolate for the chairlift and a great desire to discover the heart of the Dolomites on skis or snowboards!

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Starting points: Arabba or Malga Ciapela.

Difficulty level: medium (long, so good physical preparation is needed).

Duration: approximately 6 hours (it is important to calculate the times well to be able to return).

Length: about 40km (of which 26 on skiable).

Passes: Campolongo, Pordoi, Sella and Gardena

It is advisable to follow the route anticlockwise, beginning in Arabba or Malga Ciapela.

Clockwise: orange indications

Counter-clockwise: green indications
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