Snowboard & Ski Civetta

Skiing around Alleghe is fantastic, as it's the largest ski area in the Veneto region and there are a variety of slopes, from beginners greens to expert black runs! You can carve down powder slopes or pull off some tricks in the snowpark. The area has everything from modern ski lifts to excellent restaurants and cafes just waiting for you!

Breakfast at the hotel is plentiful, enjoy loads of local pastries accompanied by a perfect cappuccino, because you know that you’re going to need energy for the slopes.

Once you have got your ski pass and rented your equipment, you are ready for a wonderful day of skiing in and around Alleghe!

Monte Civetta is in the distance as you take the lift up to Piani di Pezzè and then towards Col dei Baldi; the trees are still full of fresh snow – a sign of more snow to come. Riding the powder thrills you, your adrenaline rises as you feel like you’re carving through butter. The sky is clear, and there is an endless number of fun slopes to conquer. Take a little coffee break in a mountain cafe, have a chat with the locals, take a look at the lunch menu and then off you go again!

With plenty of energy, you immediately decide to ski the “Gran Zuita”; a long run with seven kilometres per thousand meters of elevation from Fertazza to the centre of Alleghe, pure heaven! When you arrive, having carved your way down the slope in style, your muscles are burning with joy. Take a moment to catch your breath, and then it’s time to go up again for another exciting descent!


Photo credits: Heart of the Dolomites, Liz Carlson, ServusTV

What To Bring With You

Cool ski/boarding gear providing you comfort and warmth all day. Underneath, opt for technical and insulating layers.
Bring a bar of chocolate to refuel you with energy on the chairlift. If you don't have a helmet, don't forget to rent one!

useful for

The largest ski area in the Veneto region.

It is part of the Dolomiti Superski.

It is part of the Great War Tour (ski tour).

Ski pass prices vary according to the season.

It's possible to rent equipment in several shops in the village.
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Snowboard & Ski Civetta

Skiing around Alleghe is fantastic, as it's the largest ski area in the Veneto region and there are a variety...

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