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Ladders, ropes, pulleys, walkways and a good dose of adrenaline: this is the Civetta Adventure Park on Piani di Pezzè, in Alleghe.
There are five different routes along which you can fearlessly launch yourself into stuff that you would never have thought of doing: you will climb trees using the bark, you will be dangling on a rope between a conifer and a fir tree, all in complete safety.

Everyone has an adventurous side just waiting to be discovered.
Civetta Adventure Park is the perfect place to prove to yourself that you are not only comfortable with challenges, but that you also know how to face your fears.
The five routes are suitable for anyone over the age of 5 and are full of twists, turns, ropes, stairs, Tibetan bridges, wooden walkways and imaginative passages between the green forest and the blue sky. It’s a physical challenge that will make you feel part squirrel and part hero. Before departing on your journey, you are given a small briefing on how to use the equipment, and you are continuously monitored by the staff to ensure safety.
It’s sometimes a bit scary in the beginning, and you may be thinking why on earth would I want to throw myself off a platform while dangling from a pulley in the middle of a forest?! But the answer is straightforward: because you need to prove to yourself that you can do it.


Photo credits: Capitale Cultura Group

What To Bring With You

The equipment will be provided directly at the Park. Just bring all of your courage and the desire to test yourself. Make yourself feel comfortable and let yourself go.

useful for

Suitable for adults and children aged 5 and over.

Equipment and assistance provided by the staff throughout the course.

Available routes: Tirolienne baby orange, Baby Green, Green, Blue, Red.
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