The Queen of the Dolomites at dawn: the highest peak in the region

With eyes still half-shut, you and the rest of the group leave the silent, sleeping world, and with soft whispering in the background, board the cable car together, before the break of dawn. You all head up to Punta Rocca, at 3265 meters, to witness the daily miracle of sunrise in the heart of the Dolomites.

We should approach each new day as if it were the beginning of something new. And if you see day break from the Queen, with a 360-degree view of some of the most beautiful peaks in the Dolomites, sunrise, something we take for granted, becomes a unique and fascinating miracle.

As you drag yourself out of bed early, you already feel that this day feels different and unique. Early in the morning at Malga Ciapela, everything is silent. The hustle and bustle of skiers has yet to begin, the radios are off, and if you carefully listen, the only sound you hear is the cable car timidly coming to life and the other lucky people whispering to each other before you all get on.

In a few minutes, you will arrive in Punta Rocca, which is 3265 meters above sea level. As you get out of the cabin, the crisp night air hits you, as the sun has yet to rise. On the horizon, towards the east, the sky slowly begins to change colour, and after a few moments, the peaks around the Marmolada begin to turn red, orange, pink …

At the end of nature’s magnificent dawn display, it is time for something created by man: a big breakfast at a mountain shelter in Serauta. Here, you can warm up surrounded by massive windows looking out to the enchanted Dolomite landscape.


Photo credits: Heart of the Dolomites, Liz Carlson

What To Bring With You

Dawn at the peak is cold, often freezing. Put on heavy clothes and equip yourself to face the 3265 meters of altitude, in winter, before the sun rises.
In addition to the desire to be amazed, bring binoculars to see further!

useful for

Suitable for everyone (also disabled).
Check the availability of the event on the official cable car site.
Tickets only available before boarding.
You can also go up on skis and take advantage of the first light on the first descent of the day!
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