40^ Transcivetta Karpos



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The Agordino mountain race in the most prestigious pairs event and winds its way through Taibon Agordino and Alleghe, past the Civetta's northwestern side, in the footsteps of the famous Val Civetta trek.

After months of intense training, stand at the start line with your trusted companion and begin this great and long-awaited adventure around Listolade. The track is 23.5 kilometres long with about 2000 meters of incline, in an environment of incomparable beauty. You will cross Val Corpassa, Val Civetta, Col Negro and Forcella Coldai, to finally reach the finish line at Piani di Pezzè. However, the excitement isn’t just reserved for athletes; spectators can also join in by helping to motivate the runners during the most severe inclines along the way. Either way, everyone can undoubtedly admire the majestic mountains and pleasant pastures. Afterwards, everyone is welcome at the closing party, where you’ll find traditional food and entertainment to crown off this memorable day.

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