Sellaronda Bike Day


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Do you dream of pedalling away to the point of forgetting your hectic day-to-day life?

Then this event is the one for you: for the past 15 years at the end of June, the spectacular Dolomite passes around Sella (Sella, Gardena, Pordoi and Campolongo) will be reserved for cyclists only and motorized vehicles will be and banned from the roads between 08.30 to 15:30. This event is a special occasion, where you can fully experience nature, breath in the heady scent of flowers and trees, in a regenerating silence, where you are master of your time, without pressure or expectation. You decide when to leave when to pause to admire the scenery, or take a souvenir photo, and finally when to stop. The destination is the journey, and around the pristine UNESCO Dolomites, every part of your journey contains something unique.


Photo credits: Arabba Fodom Turismo

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