Baste lake

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A half-hour walk from Passo Giau near the fork in the road, a small but extremely scenic stretch of water appears in the middle of the Mondevàl Plateau, known as the Baste lake.

Here the sun rises and sets in a completely unique way, made up of infinite reflections of lights from the sky and clouds.
The waters of the lake reflect Mount Pelmo, known as el Caregòn del Padreterno or ‘the Throne of God’ and they make this fairytale place a popular destination for photographers and nature lovers. The lake is also ever-changing, its shape and dimensions are constantly shifting according to the seasons and the rainfall. The Lastoni di Formin, Mondeval and Piz del Corvo mountains (the last two peaks are easily reachable from the lake) offer unparalleled panoramas. The remains of the extraordinary archaeological discovery; Valmo, the Man of Mondevàl, were found on this plateau and are now preserved in the Vittorino Cazzetta Civic Museum, in Selva di Cadore.


Photo credits: Luca Dell’Osbel

Baste lake