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In Villagrande, in the historic center of Colle Santa Lucia, stands one of Cesa de Jan’s most elegant buildings, Chizzali-Bonfadini house. It was built in 1612 to house the headquarters of the Fursil mines, rund by the local Chizzali family. Heirs of a Venetian family, they changed their surname to Bonfadini and accumulated massive wealth in those flourishing years, which earned them noble titles both from the Serenissima and the bishopric of Bressanone.

The building is in a Tyrolean architectural style; the entrance arched with traces of frescoes and above there is a bay window on the first floor and a mullioned window on the next floor. The fine railings are made of the iron extracted from the Fursil deposits. Two barbicans are visible on the east wall, added in the nineteenth century to reinforce the structure after an earthquake. The interiors are also lavish and traditional, with spiral staircases, similar to those of the Andraz castle, the wood panelling and vaulted ceilings.
Today, the Cesa de Jan is the headquarters for the Ladin Cultural Institute, dedicated to protecting the cultural heritage of the Ladins in Colle Santa Lucia, Livinallongo del Col di Lana and Cortina d’Ampezzo, territories that belonged to the Tyrol until the end of the First War. World.

Cesa de Jan