Col dei Baldi

Active traveller


Escaping from big cities, in search of nature and relax




Small groups

From Piani di Pezzè at 1470, take a cable car or walking through the ancient farms and tabiàs, to find another exceptional panoramic point: the Col dei Baldi.
Breathe the pure and pristine air deeply, you can sit in contemplation in front of Mount Pelmo and enjoy the slow and relaxed rhythm of nature.

Stop for a lunch or snack at a traditional wooden chalet and complete your relaxation by savoring simple dishes with unforgettable flavour.
Sit with a group of friends with the warm sun shining on your backs and make a toast with a homemade grappa made from herbs or local fruits, to unforgettable moments.
Get a tan on the terrace from the Dolomite sun and think of your best days of skiing in the sparkling snow or of walks among green meadows dotted with colorful flowers.


Photo credits: Alleghe Funivie

Col dei Baldi