Colle Santa Lucia




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The care and dedication in this small town is already present at the first sight; the grass is always mowed on the green hill near the church of Santa Lucia and its surrounding cemetery with Mount Pore, Pelmo and the Civetta in the background.

In addition to the beautiful interiors and façade, the church is also home to a fresco of the oldest sundial in the Belluno province, dating back to 1606.
Colle Santa Lucia was established in 1145 and apart from some brief periods, the area has always kept a link with the Tyrol: from the temporal power of the Bishop of Bressanone which lasted 776 years, to the Austro-Hungarian dominion until the end of the first war world.
Going up to the town from Caprile, give yourself a panoramic break at the Belvedere: take a seat on the bench to admire every single shade of Civetta rock and the entire Val Pettorina below.
Continuing beyond the village, the road climbs towards beautiful Giau pass.


Photo credits: Luca Dell’Osbel

Colle Santa Lucia