Mount Pelsa

Active traveller


Escaping from big cities, in search of nature and relax


Small groups

The wide and elongated outline of Mount Pelsa dominates the town of Cencenighe, extending to Taibon Agordino.

If you are willing to put yourself to the test and you love an adrenaline rush, the Ferrata Fiamme Gialle will give you great satisfaction once you reach the summit of Palazza Alta from the Bastiani hamlet to Cencenighe.

If you are looking for a dreamy secluded hike with a breathtaking views of the Civetta group, do not miss Mont’ Alt di Pelsa. On the other side of the Val Corpassa, past the Vazzoler refuge, head towards the Casere Favretti and Piani di Pelsa: a magical atmosphere will invade your spirit and take you into a world of pure enchantment with towers, spires, screes and ravines. All with mysterious names like Torre Venezia, Torre di Babele, Belfry of Brabant, Cima dell’Elefante. The continue on until you reach the summit of Monte Pelsa, the depth of the Val Cordevole below you and the panorama of the Dolomites will make you feel light as a butterfly.

Mount Pelsa