Beatrice and Giovanni: from Milan to the Dolomites for pizza

Amina De Biasio
Falling in love with the Dolomites is an easy, it happens to many. The magnetic charm is immediately felt, as soon as you see them. But deciding to drop everything, pack up and move up here to manage a pizzeria is a courageous thing to do.
Beatrice and Giovanni, after a frantic life in the city, chose San Tomaso Agordino as their future home. Up here they took over the Pizzeria Offline and between locals and tourists they spend their days smiling and churning out delicious pizzas with a unique type of barley dough.

Beatrice used to work in Milan in the computer science industry: she was connected continuously with her eyes glued to a screen. Giovanni, on the other hand, was a merchant, more in contact with people but in a frantic and stressful urban environment.

One day, thanks to a newspaper article, they came across a call from the  San Tomaso Agordino Municipality … et voila! Here they are, now, in Celat di San Tomaso, a small village perched in the Dolomites, where deer roam among the houses undisturbed, and life is certainly has a slower pace. Together they run the Pizzeria Offine and are part of a  hospitality project that aims to revive the village through tourism. But do they like their new life up here in the Heart of the Dolomites? They immediately say yes, without even thinking about it. Giovanni liked the place from the first moment, the community welcomed them with open arms, and it was not difficult to feel part of village life. Up here, they tell us that the air is uncontaminated, the people are genuine, and the job is exciting thanks to the many new ideas brought in by the couple.  For example, they organised and ‘English Beer’ aperitivo evening where people can come and have a drink while practising their English. Or the ‘Birthday Pizza’, where your pizza is free on the Thursday closest to your birthday.

But the huge thing they introduced was to use local barley instead of traditional wheat in their pasta dough.  San Tomaso Agordino has a long history of cultivating this cereal. And so, after careful research about local products, the barley dough pizza was born and is much appreciated by the customers because it is delicious and lighter than the classic wheat-based dough. Spending an evening at San Tomaso means growing, learning that you can leave everything behind for a different life.  Even the name Offline tells us a lot; not just that it’s the arrival point for the San Tomaso zipline, but also that it’s a place where you put your phone away for a while. Here, you can just enjoy the views and the company, in the great atmosphere that Beatrice and Giovanni have created. Ready for a pizza? Head towards Celat in San Tomaso Agordino!


Photo credits: Heart of the Dolomites, Capitale Cultura Group

"We unloaded our things from the car, breathed in the air and enjoyed the view, and we said to ourselves: we like this place, let's try to see how it goes!"