Giuliano, young doctor and director of the “Banda da Fodom”

Elisa De Nardin
When you think of a man in his early thirties, you imagine a typical guy with dreams, passions and a great desire to enjoy life with friends.
Giuliano grew up in Salesei, a small hamlet of Pieve di Livinallongo, on the surface he is a simple, reserved guy. But in getting to know him, however, we learnt of his great determination, ambition and a great love for his homeland. He is a doctor, specialising in urology in Padua from Monday to Friday but at the weekend he is the conductor of the Banda da Fodom in the heart of the Dolomites. Medicine and music are the pillars of his life.

As a child, Giuliano would never have imagined becoming the conductor of a band, or a doctor for that matter! But you never know what life has in store!

Although he enjoyed playing the recorder at school, taking music more seriously was not in Giuliano’s plans. But one day, back in 2005, he was presented with the opportunity to join the newly formed Banda da Fodom: playing last remaining instrument, the clarinet. He made up his mind. From that day on an incredible world of music and friendship opened up for Giuliano. Today, when he thinks back to those early days, he smiles… if only he’d known then that the Banda da Fodom would become a cultural beacon in the Heart of the Dolomites, contributing to local identity and the traditions that connect this great group of guys from Fodom.

In high school, the idea of being a doctor did not necessarily appeal to Giuliano, until one day he accidentally leafed through the Faculty of Medicine brochure and became intrigued by medicine. Hence, he decided to try the entrance test. Even though he failed the first time, he did not give up and attended a Biotechnology course for a year in Udine. During this period, the world of music and medicine came together for Giuliano, as he participated in a musical conducting class at the same time. The following year he managed to pass the entrance test for medicine in Padua and thus began his medical career.

After graduating in 2017, he moved closer to his homeland thanks to some work experience as a GP in Cortina first, and then in the Upper Agordino. At the same time, his conducting career got into full swing, with the opportunity to direct Müjiga from San Ciascian, a band from nearby Alta Badia.

Meanwhile, Banda da Fodom grew in popularity, and they took part in more and more competitions, festivals and even created traditional costumes with the firm Ladin pride, which they wear during concerts and festivities.

We asked Giuliano if he would ever be able to give up his musical or medical world; the answer is a definite no. He explained that the two worlds coexist symbiotically for him. With a packed schedule of hospital shifts, Padua-Fodom transfers, band rehearsals and concerts, Giuliano’s great passion for both worlds ensures that he manages to balance them in perfect harmony.


Photo credits: Giuliano Federa

"Being a conductor is a truly unique thing. You are in the centre stage, with the audience behind you and the instrumentalists in front of you. You just listen to the music, wave your hands around and feel the music come to life. It's pure emotion. "
(Giuliano Federa)