We are talking about two young men who, together, decide to change their ways, leaving the city behind, and fall in love with a small mountain village, immersed in the beauty of the rocks, the scents of the woods and the sound of nature.
This is how Stua Sa Laste was born, a bar-restaurant where you can relax and let yourself be carried away by Dario's proposals in the kitchen and Silvia's cheerfulness in the dining room.

This story begins with a choice, that of Dario, who, tired of stress and the dizzying pace of the city, one day sold the restaurant he had been running for more than ten years in the province of Padua and, together with his wife Silvia, decided to start from scratch.

But life can often surprise in a short time: just a trip out of town to Laste and everything changes again.

In fact, in that small village in the municipality of Rocca Pietore, they immediately fell in love with what they described as “the most beautiful view in the Agordino area”.
“The beauty of the landscape, the silence, the tranquillity, the walks in the woods. Laste is a magical place with a priceless view,” Silvia explains.

Then the discovery of the ‘Ospitalità Diffuso’ project, created to bring prestige back to the small village, left them both with no doubts because, as they explain together, “We felt that we could only do one thing: exploit our experience in the restaurant industry and take advantage of this opportunity, moving here to start our new adventure”.

The passion for cooking that has never waned and the charm of a magical environment, immersed in tranquillity and greenery, come together and lead to the creation of Stua Sa Laste, a bar-restaurant created by renovating an old barn dating back to 1892.
Exposed beams, a bar made of solid old wood, a warming stove and natural sunlight coming in through the many windows welcome guests into the restaurant, with its round, soft and relaxing atmosphere.
A few seats for an intimate atmosphere with a unique view: Pelmo, Civetta and Sass de Rocia. Last but not least, there is a small corner that serves as a reception area for those who wish to stay in the Laste Diffused Hospitality accommodation.

In the kitchen, on the other hand, “we have tried to make a bit of a mess”, they explain with a smile. There is no shortage of typical, local products, but the menu also surprises with dishes that are different from the traditional mountain ones. This is a choice that locals and tourists have immediately welcomed and appreciated.
Stua Sa Laste is open ten months a year, offering a constant service and becoming a real point of reference in the area, both for locals and tourists, because, as Silvia points out, “… we wanted to make a difference and provide a year-round service that is not usually taken into account here”.

In fact, the development of small villages starts by giving those who want to the opportunity to get to know the places even outside the classic tourist season.
So there are no excuses, Stua Sa Laste is an excellent opportunity to visit, throughout the year, at an altitude of 1,400 metres, to admire the breathtaking view that made our protagonists fall in love and to get to know, perhaps by having a chat with a good dish and a glass of wine, this couple that has managed to find happiness in a small mountain village.

"We want to make a difference. With our bar-restaurant, we want to offer a constant service without compromising on quality and research. We want to become a meeting place where people can get together and enjoy the tranquillity that only the mountains can offer. (Silvia and Dario)