The beekeepers of Colle Santa Lucia: big love for bees and their products

Amina De Biasio
Bees are extremely important to our ecosystem, Antonio Agostini knows this very well because he is a beekeeper in Colle Santa Lucia. Ironically, he is allergic to honey, but the love he puts into what he does is repaid with sweetness and taste in the jars he sells.
Acacia honey, millefiori, apple, rhododendron, lime and so on and so forth. The bees in the Heart of the Dolomites live in wonderful place and produce equally good honey!

The history of Colle Santa Lucia honey starts from Felice Agostini, who started this activity on a very small scale 80 years ago. It was then his nephew Vito, in the 1940s, who to start a real business building an apiary for beehives in his back garden. After him Modesto, moved the hives around, choosing places at different heights and with different types of plants to get more varieties of honey. At Da Felice, the years have passed, and generations have followed one another to this day, where we find Antonio Agostini working alongside the bees to produce this precious nectar together.

Honey is a magical food that makes life sweeter and is much more healthy than processed sugar. Moreover, it is the outcome of hard work from the bees that carry out their daily routine around the plants: limes, apple trees, rhododendrons, flowers of any kind and other plants scattered throughout the area. This is appreciated Colle Santa Lucia, not only by the locals lucky enough to buy this honey often but also by tourists who don’t miss the opportunity to taste it and buy some jars to take home.

Today, Antonio tells us, the Agostini bees flutter happily in the Heart of the Dolomites between Livinallongo del Col di Lana, Alleghe and Colle Santa Lucia and produce prized honey, with a different taste depending on the location of pollination.

Antonio, with the help of Modesto and Celestino, have made their honey famous in the nearby valleys and beyond and they have also opened a small store in the centre of Colle Santa Lucia.

He does his job with great passion, despite not being able to eat his honey because of allergies, something which did not stop Antonio from continuing a great family tradition and pride of the area.

At the Agostini workshop, there is a different type of honey for everyone: try them all and see,  you’ll discover a world of 100% natural sweetness!


Photo credits: Capitale Cultura

"Ours is a family tradition that has been going on since the end of the 19th century. I'm allergic, but I love my bees! ”- Antonio Agostini