The pastry hotel: the sweetest holiday is from the Nesello family to Rocca Pietore

Amina De Biasio
The Nesello family’s business, in Rocca Pietore, is a gourmet hotel, where hospitality and warmth are mixed into all of their delicious pastries.
By day, they are a pastry shop, renowned throughout the valley and at night, a warm and safe shelter where you can dream and rest.
A wonderful breakfast complete with cakes handmade by the pastry chef Christopher. These pastries also serve a lovely mid-morning or afternoon sugar kick, before setting out again to discover the area. At the Pineta Pastry Hotel every moment is sweet, every taste is delicious and your pastry dreams become reality.

In Rocca Pietore there is a dreamy place, surrounded by nature, just a few kilometres from the Marmolada. The Pineta Pastry Hotel is a place where guests are pampered with creamy pastries, filled croissants, glazed cakes and steaming strudels. It is run by the Nesello family, who have been working in the hospitality business for decades. Over the last twenty years, they have always chosen to follow their passion for high standards and top quality over quantity.

This is precisely what Matteo, the youngest son of Pellegrino and Amalia, told us: “Il Pineta is a wide-ranging project, where hospitality follows a specific long term strategy to be able to compete with the offerings of the nearby valleys”.

The history of the Pineta starts back in the 70s, in the days of Stevie Wonder and Deep Purple, when Pellegrino and Amalia welcomed their first travellers to their six-room guesthouse. Hard work and sacrifice allowed the Nesello family to transform their pinewood mountain house in the heart of the Dolomites into the perfect destination for gourmet travelers in search of relaxation and top hospitality. It would have also been impossible without the help and commitment of their children, Christopher and Matteo.

Pellegrino, the head of the family, is the chef in the small restaurant inside the hotel and every day he transmits Ladin tradition through his authentic, homemade dishes such as canederli, casunziei and dishes based around game.

Christopher is an established pastry chef always looking for new ideas; he creates dizzying desserts each day for guests and customers, continually challenging himself with new and reworked recipes. Matteo takes care of reception and marketing, supported by his mother Amalia, at the moment they are trying to make Rocca Pietore known to the world. They endeavour to satisfy every guest need, from the moment of booking until they check-out.

The Nesello family are a reliable and united team, where the parents and children work together for a shared family vision. They always aim high, towards the dream of top-quality hospitality and catering for the most discerning guests in the Dolomites.

You must stop in at Pineta, even if it is only for a hot tea and a slice of cake while it snows outside, to take in a warm atmosphere and meet the creators of this sweet spot in the heart of the Dolomites.


Photo credits: Matteo Nesello

"Only if we are happy and proud of ourselves will we succeed in transmitting hospitality and serenity to our guests". - Matteo Nesello