Young people and business in the area: Oh Perbacco Wine Bar

Elisa De Nardin
Oh Perbacco Wine Bar is a classy place, but at the same time, it is warm and welcoming. It's blends the traditional atmosphere and the scent of wood with modern design. Christian, the owner, is always ready to serve you quality wines, refined craft beers, excellent gin and whiskies accompanied by tasty snacks made from local ingredients.
Whether your dropping in for a quick snack or an evening with friends, Oh Perbacco Wine Bar is the place for you, located in Cencenighe, in the heart of the Dolomites!

In 2008, Christian saw an opportunity to start a business based around food and drinks. Because of his great passion for wine, he decided to start a wine bar that offered several more refined labels.

After taking a trip with friends to Tuscany, he was inspired by the shops and bars he had visited, in 2013 he decided to dedicate a special corner of the shop to wines. In 2014, he started offering wine tastings from a selection of 150 quality wines.

Over time, the wine tasting events he was organising with friends became more and more popular, and he hosted some really great aperitifs and special evenings. The first proper public event was held at Oh Perbacco around Christmas in 2015 – and had great success!

By combining local food, offering fresh meats and cheeses, this small wine shop became Oh Perbacco Wine Bar, the place to be for aperitifs among the young people in Cencenighe and beyond.

After a while, the little wooden bar was getting more and more crowded, and they had to expand. Christian decided to enlarge the wine shop and keep just a small corner with food, local products and some basic necessities. On September 29, 2018, Christian opened the doors of the new Oh Perbacco.

Christian puts 100% of his passion into the restaurant. He admits, “I live here, I arrive at 8:30 in the morning, and I don’t get out until 2am… it’s a crazy lifestyle, but it makes me feel good. I gave up everything to dedicate myself to my restaurant “.

Oh Perbacco is not the usual bar, its also a wine shop, selling wine on tap and in bottles. There’s a great selection of excellent labels, local craft beers, gins and whiskies. They are suppliers to other local businesses and busy hosting events and themed evenings as well as selling takeaway sandwiches and quality local products to their regular customers. Over the years, Christian has been able to create a hybrid between a bar and a typical wine shop.

The central ethos at Oh Perbacco has always been to carefully use local products, build brand identity and collaborate with Belluno-based companies.

We asked if there were any plans for the future of Oh Perbacco? Cristian told us that there are plans to construct a professional kitchen to become more food-oriented. Christian’s idea is to make Oh Perbacco a reference point in Cencenighe. Providing customers with quick quality lunches, not just sandwiches. They want to begin serving hot dishes and organise even more themed nights.


Photo credits: Oh Perbacco Wine

"Passion is fundamental to my work. The way I run my restaurant is 100% tied to my passion for offering top quality wines and products, this makes me feel good."(Christian De Biasio)